What About Clients Who Don't Get Approved?

No Problem!

Use Easy Collections. A 92% Collection Rate. Over 24,000 Contracts Managed.

The Best Part? We Do All Of The Work.

    Benefits of Using Easy Collections

    No Collection Calls - Ever

    If a client misses a payment, we will call your client to get them back on track. We handle billing, calls and even reconcile back to you monthly with a detailed statement for each client.

    Free Up Staff and Resources

    Managing clients on payment plans can become a full-time job for you and your staff. With Easy Collections, you only pay a 5% when we collect payment.

    Focus on Your Cases

    By removing the entire payment management process from your office, you can get back to practicing law. No setup. No collections. No billing. We do all of the work.

    Make More Money

    The average attorney has a 63% collection rate. Our system collects as much as 92%. Even the smallest of law firms could see a difference can be more than $100,000 in recaptured revenue.

    Self-Managed Payment Plans Vs. Full-Service with Easy Collections


    10 Cases. $5,000 Per Case. $50,000 Total Case Values

    Average Attorney

    C.C Fees

    Paying an Employee






    Easy Collections

    C.C Fees

    Paying an Employee






    65% Collection Rate With Fees


    92% Collection Rate With Fees


    That's Over $15,000 On Just 10 Cases.

    The Choice Is Clear. You Could Be Making Significantly More Money, With Less Work, And No Overhead. Get Started Today!

      How Attorneys Feel About Collecting On Payment Plans.

      Here are just some of the responses from Attorneys when asked about managing payment plans.


      “I absolutely hate collecting on payment plans.”

      “I’m tired of doing all of the work and then, on top of that, having to beg my clients to pay me.”

      “When you add it all up, I spend one week of my month solely focused on trying to collect payments.”

      “If you can fix this issue, I’ll put you in my will. I hate it that much.”

      It Doesn't Have To Be This Way.

      The struggle is real and until now the best option you had was to try and manage those payments or use a third party to automate payments. And that can certainly help. But it doesn’t actually solve the problem, because it still requires you and your staff to keep chasing payments when clients miss payments.

      Until now.

      How Does Easy Collections Work?

      We allow you to set up an in-house payment plan in less than 2-minutes. Then we collect the agreed-upon payments from the clients. We handle setup, billing, and collections for you. No cold calls. No chasing clients for money.  If clients do fall behind on payments, we handle that client with the highest level of service and help them get back on track. Finally, we reconcile all the payments, update client records and deposit the money directly into your bank account. Completely hands off.

      Payment collection services can't compete

      The two things that really set us apart are the live call center agents who work with clients to keep them on track, and the fact that we can report negative accounts to credit. That helpful guidance along with the desire to protect their credit ensures we collect more money, more often, from more clients. It really works.

      So stop chasing payments and start collecting more of your fee with Easy Collections.

      What we learned from 24,000 contracts managed and how we managed a a 92% Collection Rate

      After 24,000 contracts managed, we have established our system as a proven payment collection system for legal. Our 92% collection rate is based on 3 main pillars.

      • Structure
      • Follow-Through
      • Flexibility

      Everyone offers payment plans. The reason that we outperform everyone on the market is simple. We have a plan that works. And we only get paid for performance.

      Step 1 - Create Offer

      Create payment plans customized to your firms needs. You choose the terms, monthly payments and interest (where applicable).

      Step 2 - Client Accepts Offer

      With our simple to use software, a client can accept an offer from any device that is connected to the internet, 24 hours a day.