Getting Paid By Your Clients

It’s simpler than you think!

It's No Secret That Clients Don't Always Pay On Time

In this example, we have a client who wants to hire an attorney for a $5,000 case. They can borrow $2,500 from a family member to pay the retainer. So the attorney agrees to take payments of $450 per month over the next 6 months.

The problem is, as you can see, the client only has $200 in available income to make payments. They’ll have to find more money to pay you over time.

But by offering the client payments of $150 per month with financing, the attorney could have been paid in full and the client could have easily afforded the monthly payment.

The case for financing is clear.

So What About Clients Who Don't Qualify

Our Easy Collections solution is a perfect fit. We allow you to create a payment contract with a client online in less than 2-minutes. 

We then do all of the work to set-up, bill, collect and follow-up with clients to ensure timely payment management.

So stop chasing payments, and wasting valuable resources collecting money that you have already earned, and start collecting more of your fee with Easy Collections.

Payment Affordability Calculator

Total Household Income $50,000
Mortgage / Rent $1,400
Credit Cards$500
Gas / Food$500
Car Expenses$400
Cell Phone / Cable$200
Gas / Electric / Water$300
Expenses $3,300
Other Income$0
Total Montly Income $3,542
Disposable Income$247.92
Affordability Index
In-House Terms Payments$416.67
Estimated Finance Payment $150.00