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Using Fortify for Legal Retainer Financing

The Future of Legal Financing is HERE!

Present Clear Offers In Seconds. Approve More Of Your Clients. Fund Your Law Firm Directly. 0% Funding Fees.

Fortify Is The Solution

Make Sense Underwriting = 93% Approval Rate

Your clients are already asking for payment plans, and guess what? Your law firm is the bank you hold all of the risk.

Using Fortify removes that risk and gives the client affordable payment options for their case. Then, the entire retainer fee is deposited directly into your IOLTA or merchant account.

No more collection calls to your clients. No chasing clients for money. No funding fees.

The best retainer financing software on the market  – by a landslide.

Why Our Attorneys Love Us

Finding a company that will give you a financing link for $99/month plus a small funding fee isn’t hard. They are everywhere now. 

The problem is they don’t work. They have very low funding rates and rely heavily on you, the attorney, to manage the process.

Now compare that to the retainer fee financing plan with Fortify – which approved over 93% of the applicants. We use make sense underwriting. No credit score requirements. If your client is willing to work with us, we will exhaust every option available to get them the money the need to hire you. 

Fortify is the only retainer financing solution that works for every law firm, in every state, regardless of its client demographics.

Client Financing for ANY Legal Matter

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Criminal Defense

– Divorce

– Family

– Adoption

– Immigration

– Business

– Tax

– Patent

– Estate

– Labor

Offering payment options is good for business

Working with iQualify Lending means no recourse, no lengthy contracts – leave at any time.

Offering payments as low as $220 per month on a $5,000 case means any client can afford your fees.

Attorneys who use our services are more affordable, more profitable, and have happier clients.


Million in Funding Available


Imagine being the only law firm in town that can offer low monthly payments to pay for a clients case. Remove all of the competition in your market. Never lose another client to cost.

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