Legal Retainer Financing For Most Clients, Not Just Those With Perfect Credit.

Join the 70% of Attorneys Achieving 6-Figure Returns Using Fortify For Retainer Financing

Stop Working For Free.

Unlock the potential of your practice with Fortify. Stop chasing clients for money and start converting them with our proven system. With a Smart Offers conversion rate of 75.4%, you’ll see more clients say “yes” to hiring you. Let us show you how.

    One System. 3 Simple Payment Plan Options.

    Pay in Full – Clients can instantly pay in full using your existing Law Pay account link through Fortify. 

    Retainer Financing  – Clients can apply for Instant Loan Offers for up to $100k from over 20 lenders. Soft credit pulls – no hard inquiry. Lowest Monthly Payments. Fixed Rate and Term. Credit down to 550.

    Payment Plans – You set the Terms, and we handle the rest. From offering to signed contract to monthly payment management. We do it all for you. You receive direct deposits monthly.

    Step 1 - Offer Payment Options for Every Client in Seconds

    With Fortify, offering legal retainer loans and payment plans is simple. You simply input the terms you would accept for a managed payment plan.

    It’s that simple.

    Step 2 - Create A Smart Offer

    Smart Offers gives every client 3 simple and easy-to-understand options to pay for their case. They simply choose the option that’s the best fit for them.

    We handle the rest.

    The reason this works so well is that when we meet the client where they are financially, we give them a way to say “yes” to hiring you.

    Step 3 - Review Payment Options and Close The Deal

    With Fortify, accepting a deal is easy. Our platform presents clients with personalized payment options, simplifying the process for them and increasing conversions for you.

    Additionally, our retainer financing options allow clients to pay for your services over time. This makes it even more accessible for them to move forward with your services.

    Get Paid Monthly

    Dual- Retainer Financing means getting paid in full, upfront with cash, or through financing.

    Additionally, for those who prefer a monthly payment plan, we manage the details and ensure timely payment to you, from contract creation to collection.

    Our conversion systems have allowed almost 70% of our Law Firms to clear six figures in their first year.

      Why Fortify Works So Well?

      Fortify works so well because it offers a simple and intuitive solution for retainer financing options. It also meets clients where they are financially by providing customizable payment options. It follows up with clients automatically to increase conversions. And lastly, it provides an entire closing system for law firms, streamlining the process and capable of generating six-figure increases in revenue.

      Fortify Other Companies
      Dual Retainer FinancingYes No
      Six-Figure GrowthYesNo
      Smart OffersYesNo
      Dynamic Lead NurtureYesNo
      Save The Deal FeatureYesNo
      Income-Based OptionsYesNo
      Early Default ProgramYesNo

      Client Financing for ANY Legal Matter

      – Time Share Exit

      – Tax Settlement

      – Estate

      – Labor

      – Criminal Defense

      – Family Law

      – Adoption

      – Business Startup

      Important News – Formal ABA Opinion Endorsing the iQualify Lending Retainer Financing Models

      Read the Full Opinion Here