Smart Offers: Automated Retainer Financing and Payment Options for Law Firms

What is the Smart Offer Feature?

It’s The Framework That Ensures The
Client Gets the Right Offers At the Right Time.

Smart Offers within Fortify are a powerful tool. Smart Offers help you convert more clients by providing them with personalized payment options.

When creating a new intake, Fortify automatically generates three payment options for your client based on the price of the case and any required down payment.

Smart Offers simplifies the process for your clients by presenting all the options in one easy-to-understand offer page.

Smart Offers - Save The Deal Feature

How Smart Offers Re-Engages Clients

Timing is crucial when it comes to presenting offers to clients. Smart Offers makes the process easier for you by automating the re-engagement process. You don’t have to worry about manually following up with clients. Smart Offers does it for you.

Re-engaging clients who have been turned down for one option is one of the key benefits of Smart Offers.

Smart Offers recognizes when a client has been turned down and provides a “soft no,” putting the other remaining options back in front of the client.

Automating the Payment Process with Smart Offers

And our “Save the Deal” feature in Smart Offers ensures that even when you’re not available, the right offer will be presented at the moment they need it most, right after a decline.

This feature helps prevent clients from feeling discouraged. Instead, it redirects them to find the best offer for their needs

How Smart Offers Benefits Your Law Firm

Overall, Smart Offers is a valuable tool for any law firm looking to increase conversions and streamline the payment process for clients.

Smart Offers simplifies the process while making it easier for you to convert more clients. As a result, with Smart Offer, you will convert more clients and grow your practice.

Want Smart Offers For Your Firm?

    Fortify for Payment Plans = More Money, More Clients and Less Work.