How Does Fortify Protect My Firm From Signing Bad Clients?

By Quickly Finding And Addressing Problem Files

Early Default Detection

Detect Early. Decide Quickly. De-Risk Effectively. 
Protect Your Firm With Early Default Detection.

Fortify’s Early Default Detection feature is designed to protect your law firm from taking on high-risk payment plans. Our system uses a simple litmus test to identify potential defaults early.

The first step is to check if the client can make the initial down payment of $179. If the client fails to make this payment, it is a significant indication that they may default on future payments as well. Our system flag these files as high-risk for default, giving you the opportunity to make quick decisions and de-risk your payment plans effectively.

The feature works by marking files as high-risk for default if a client cannot make the initial down payment of $179.

You still have the power to override the recommendation, but with your feedback, we balance reasonability and risk to ensure the best outcome for your firm. Additionally, our client success team can keep clients on track and reach out to them if they miss a payment.

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In the rare case that a client fails to respond, we will attempt to reach out up to 30 times before handing the file back to the attorney. Our “swap-out” option allows the attorney to keep the money they were already paid and swap out a future deal for the one lost to default.

Fortify is a software service, we can’t force people to pay, but we provide options and verify that clients qualify before putting them on a longer-term payment plan they can afford. Trust Fortify to look out for your bottom line while taking part in the improvement process.

With Fortify – You can.

    Detect Early. Decide Quickly. De-Risk Effectively. Protect Your Firm With Early Default Detection.