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Is Offering Payments Complicated?

No. You will be provided with a custom, pre-built landing page for your firm, and all you have to do is direct any potential client to that page. We handle the rest. No contracts. No paperwork. Nothing new to learn.

What About The Bar?

We built this program on 5 key bar pillars. No compulsion to perform, no limitation of choice, no compensation other than the collection of legal fees, arms-length transaction, and fair market pricing.
The result of those standards led to an Opinion from the ABA endorsing our system of delivering loan options to your clients.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score To Get A Loan?

We have approved loans with scores as low as 560, but each loan is different. Our underwriting engine bases approvals on 3 major factors – Credit, Income, and Debt-to-Income Ratio.

How Quickly Can I Get A Client Approved?

In less than 30 seconds. We have a simple, one-page application, and approved clients will receive offers instantly.

Will The Client Need A Down Payment?

No. All loans come with $0 out of pocket to get started.

What Are Your Interest Rates?

Our Rates Start at 3.99% and go as high as 29%. Rates are determined by the overall risk of the client.

What Does A Loan Funding Cost?

You Will Pay A 4.99% Transaction Fee On The Amount Your Firm Is Paid, Just Like A Credit Card.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Money?

Typically between 2-4 days. Most attorneys create an agreement contingent upon receipt of financing funds. Many attorneys collect a small good faith deposit.

What's My Risk As An Attorney?

All of our loans come with no recourse. This means no risk to the attorney. We haven’t had an attorney cancel our service in over 2 years. during that time we have extended and funded millions of dollars in offers.

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