Funding Retainer Fees Using Credit Based Financing

As the pioneers of the retainer financing industry, we have found the best credit-based loan options for your clients.
If a loan option exists, we will find it.

Fortify: Financing for Law Firm Retainer Fees

Our flexible financing options and competitive rates make it easy for your clients to hire your firm.

With up to $100k available from our network of 30 lenders, even sub-prime borrowers can be approved.

Enjoy low-interest rates starting at 3.99% and fixed rates for consistent, affordable payments.

Law Firm Retainer Fee Financing: Secure Funding with Fortify

With Fortify, your law firm can offer low monthly payments to pay for a client’s case, giving you a competitive edge in your market.

Never lose another client to cost and remove all of the competition by offering financing options through Fortify.

Benefits Of Offering Financing

Get Paid Upfront

Get up to 20 offers with one simple application. Your clients choose the offer that’s best for them. You pay a 4.99% transaction fee, just like a credit card.

Attract More Clients

When a client calls to ask about cost, you can quote payment options as low as $150 per month for a $5,000 case. Can you do that today?

Close More Clients

Our Attorneys are closing more deals than ever. Our best Attorneys are adding an additional SIX FIGURES to their incomes.

Low Payment Options

Finance a $4,000 case for as low as $122 per month with $0 down payment. With credit score options down to 550, we can approve more clients than ever before.

No Recourse

All Credit-Based Financing programs come with a ‘No Recourse’ clause to the Attorney. Because we fund the client, there are no concerns with bar issues.

Remove Competition

By offering the lowest payments, clients can afford to hire the attorney they want, while you get paid upfront.

    Client Financing for ANY Legal Matter

    law gavel

    Criminal Defense

    – Divorce

    – Family

    – Adoption

    – Immigration

    – Business

    – Tax

    – Bankruptcy

    – Estate

    – Labor

    Offering payment options is good for business

    With Fortify you can feel confident that every option was exhausted!

    Offering payments as low as $150 per month on a $5,000 case means any client can afford your fees.

    Attorneys who use our services are more affordable, more profitable, and have happier clients.

    Law Firm Retainer Fee Financing: Secure Funding with Fortify

    At Fortify, we understand the importance of meeting clients where they are financially.

    Our credit-based retainer financing options provide best-in-class options that allow your clients to access the funds they need.

    Coupled with Smart Offers and Dynamic Lead Nurturing, these conversion tool makes it easy for clients to take advantage of the best payment options.

    Over 900+ Law Firms Added in 2021


    We Have Helped More Law Firms Achieve Six-Figures Than All Other Companies Combined.


    Elevate your Law Firm firm above the rest by being the only one in your area to offer customized payment plans. Eliminate competition and retain more clients than ever.

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