Legal Retainer Financing For Attorneys

Tired Of Chasing Clients For Money?
Not Anymore.

    If You Are Offering Payment Terms, You Are Losing Money!

    It’s not that Payment Plans are bad – they aren’t. Generally, Attorneys just hate being collection agents. As a result, Attorneys only collect 67% of the money owed on terms. And that’s a problem.

    Fortify Is The Solution

    24,000 Contracts. 92% Collection Rate.
    Never Chase Payments Again.

    Your clients are already asking for payment plans, and guess what? Your law firm is the bank – you hold all of the risk.

    Fortify removes the risk, gives the client affordable payment options, and lets you focus on the case. No more collection calls to your clients.

    Fill out the form below and learn how to start collecting your fee, in full.

      Sign More Clients - Without More Marketing

      Your Clients Expect Payments. And We Help You Deliver!

      Clients Are Looking For An Affordable Option To Hire You. One of the options we provide is Legal Retainer Financing.

      Our lenders will approve Prime, Near-Prime And Even Sub-Prime borrowers down to a 550 credit score!

      Fixed interest rates, starting at 3.99%.  Terms up to 48 months. The lowest monthly payment option.

      Get credit decisions instantly – with the push of a button. Will not affect credit to receive loan offers.

      Benefits Of Offering Payment Plans and Retainer Financing

      Simplify the Process

      Clients can explore every option available to them, pick a payment method, and enter into a payment agreement- all with the click of a button.

      Close More Clients

      Fortify gives your clients more options to hire you. Two of those options pay you upfront and in-full. It makes saying ‘yes’ to hiring you simple.

      Get Paid Upfront

      Get up to 10 offers with one simple application. Your clients choose the offer that’s best for them. You pay a 4.99% transaction fee, just like a credit card.

      Low Payment Options

      Retainer Financing allows a client to pay a $4,000 fee for as low as $122 per month with $0 down payment. Can you complete with that?

      No Recourse

      All Retainer Financing programs come with a ‘No Recourse’ clause to the Attorney. Because we fund the client, there are no concerns with bar issues.

      Remove Competition

      By offering the lowest payments, clients can afford to hire the attorney they want, while you get paid upfront.

        Client Financing for ANY Legal Matter

        law gavel

        Criminal Defense

        – Divorce

        – Family

        – Adoption

        – Immigration

        – Business

        – Tax

        – Patent

        – Estate

        – Labor

        Offering payment options is good for business

        Working with iQualify Lending means access to flexible payment plans, expert service, and getting paid for the work you do.

        Attorneys who use our services are more affordable, more profitable, and have happier clients.

        So, stop showing up for court, praying that the client brought a check with them. And start getting paid in full with Fortify – by iQualify Lending.

        NEW ATTORNEYS ADDED - 2019


        24,000 Contracts Financined – 93% Collection Rate.
        $387,315,628 Legal Retainer Financing Offers in 2019.


        Imagine being the only law firm in town that can offer low monthly payments to pay for a clients case. Remove all of the competition in your market. Never lose another client to cost.

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