Can You Really Offer Financing For Any Type Of Legal Matter?


One of the biggest problems attorneys face every day is getting paid by clients who want to hire them. Until now, you had to take a downpayment and offer in-house¬†payments or you just turn them away altogether. And let’s be honest, chasing clients for payment isn’t why you went into law.

Offering financing options create cash flow.

When was the last time a company could help you where it counts the most – in your bank account?

With our simple financing options, a client can be approved for up to $40,000, instantly, 24/7.  We help you get 100% of your fee, upfront, just like cash. And attorneys who use the system are increasing their cash flow by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. They are hiring staff, running more efficiently, and working fewer hours, all without adding to your balance sheet. I

If you would like to start getting paid your full fees, growing your practice and making more money with less stress, we can help.

iQualify Lending - Legal Retainer Financing Video

Want to start getting paid up front? We can help, and you can be offering financing tomorrow.