Poor choices in finance and billing possibly blamed on lack of sleep…

Aren’t you exhausted? You work a lot of hours as an attorney, with the ABA claiming the average is 60-80 hrs/week. That means early mornings, late nights, lunches at your desk, missing that soccer game, or pushing off the family vacation for another couple of months. It also means there’s never enough sleep and you find yourself feeling tired all the time.

Before you know it, your life is stolen from you by a million little things, not the least of which is your debt load. The costs of not getting paid back for your attorney fees are staggering. When you factor in labor, billing, and reconciliation, you could be making as little as 55 cents on the dollar!

You know what else will keep you up at night and cause you exhaustion? Earning 55 cents on the dollar.

Chasing down clients and/or making collection calls to get them to pay is draining your energy and your bank account. Not to mention you’re probably also dropping clients because of non- payment, which is causing you to lose even more money. The average lawyer worked just 2.5 hours of billable work each day in 2018! (2018 Legal Trends Report, pg. 49)

Stressors like these can lead to clouded judgment and poor choices made… such as the way you’re going about trying to collect your retainer fees. The smartest attorneys (or maybe we should say the most well-rested) are fixing both their financial and stress problems thanks to innovative programs like legal retainer financing.

Legal fee financing takes the work and headache of collecting your clients’ payments off your shoulders and lets you start making more money, almost immediately. You’ve worked hard to build your practice. And with iQualify Lending, you can get rid of the stress of chasing payments and get back to doing what you love – practicing law

Want to see how it works? Reach out to us right now and see for yourself how iQualify Lending can relieve your stress, make more money, and get more sleep.


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