Who’s in Control of Your Law Practice? 4 years ago

Has your quality of life as an attorney improved over the years?

Think back to when you started your law practice five, ten, or 15 years ago. Do you remember where you were in life? Do you remember what that felt like? Were you struggling, but happy? Were you still single or newly married? Were you financially stable or could you barely scrape together two nickels? You may have been flying by the seat of your pants, but it felt like you were in control. Now, look at your practice today. Are you still in control? Ask yourself, “Has the grind paid off?” or has it just ground you down? 

For most attorneys, this nostalgia trap is just that…a trap. What happened to you over the course of your practice revealed you aren’t actually in control, but a passive participant in the story of your practice. Yes, you took the steps to build your practice, but it was built one step at a time, and often by falling into things– finding solutions while trying to solve problems. You likely didn’t stick to the blueprints you had set in your mind. 

Being in control isn’t the same as hard work. The story of your practice unfolded over the course of many years and lots of hard work. You got leads, you got clients, you got a Carol or other staff, you put in time and energy and, before you knew it, your practice grew into its current state. If we rewound all of those years of effort…are you where you thought you would be? Are you better off now, even with where you were then, or worse? 

If you’re seeing your efforts pay off in a big way, cheers to you. And if you’re not, it could be because you don’t have the tools to make the job easier. You’re not in control. So, when it comes to your client retainer financing, we’ve made it easy to fix that.

Fortify starts working immediately to change your cash flow and improve your quality of life!

Don’t misunderstand: you should be very proud of the practice you’ve built. You did it! You hired the right people, you grew your caseload, established a reputation in your community…but as a result, you grew your stress, your commitment to work increased, you found yourself spending more time away from your family, maybe you got a divorce because you’re married to you practice because someone has to pay the bills, etc. You’ve lost control of your life while building your business.

THAT is the problem iQualify Lending is solving with Fortify. We can’t help you control your caseload or answer your phone for you like Carol…. But we can control how you get paid, and fixing the money part of your life fixes a significant portion of everything else. If we can fix your payment problems immediately and start making you 95 cents on the dollar for every transaction…what does your practice look like then or in five, ten, or 15 years?

How does Fortify help you take back control of your life?

Think about all the tools you use every day, that you depend on. If you didn’t have Clio your life would be completely different right now. Or maybe G-Suite is your lifeline, or you could never do your job without Findlaw. We are a byproduct of the tools we use to solve our problems. The best of these tools make your life more functional, more organized…But most tools are meant to navigate your day, not exactly navigate your business.

Fortify, by iQualify, takes away your need to overthink everything and makes getting hired, and getting paid -simple. It allows you to present payment plans in a way that allows up to 66% more of your clients to say yes to hiring you. And because we offer true retainer financing plans and manage all of your in-house payment plans – you can get paid in full more often without any of the headaches of chasing clients for money. Yes, the Fortify software provides the path and does the work in clearing that path, making the way for the next chapter in the story of your practice. 

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