Who’s in Control of Your Law Practice? 3 years ago

Has your quality of life as an attorney improved over the years?

Think back to when you started your law practice five, ten, or 15 years ago. Do you remember where you were in life? Do you remember what that felt like? Were you struggling, but happy? Were you still single or newly married? Were you financially stable or could you barely scrape together two nickels? You may have been flying by the seat of your pants, but it felt like you were in control. Now, look at your practice today. Are you still in control? Ask yourself, “Has the grind paid off?” or has it just ground you down? 

For most attorneys, this nostalgia trap is just that…a trap. What happened to you over the course of your practice revealed you aren’t actually in control, but a passive participant in the story of your practice. Yes, you took the steps to build your practice, but it was built one step at a time, and often by falling into things– finding solutions while trying to solve problems. You likely didn’t stick to the blueprints you had set in your mind. 

Being in control isn’t the same as hard work. The story of your practice unfolded over the course of many years and lots of hard work. You got leads, you got clients, you got a Carol or other staff, you put in time and energy and, before you knew it, your practice grew into its current state. If we rewound all of those years of effort…are you where you thought you would be? Are you better off now, even with where you were then, or worse? 

If you’re seeing your efforts pay off in a big way, cheers to you. And if you’re not, it could be because you don’t have the tools to make the job easier. You’re not in control. So, when it comes to your client retainer financing, we’ve made it easy to fix that.

Fortify starts working immediately to change your cash flow and improve your quality of life!

Don’t misunderstand: you should be very proud of the practice you’ve built. You did it! You hired the right people, you grew your caseload, established a reputation in your community…but as a result, you grew your stress, your commitment to work increased, you found yourself spending more time away from your family, maybe you got a divorce because you’re married to you practice because someone has to pay the bills, etc. You’ve lost control of your life while building your business.

THAT is the problem iQualify Lending is solving with Fortify. We can’t help you control your caseload or answer your phone for you like Carol…. But we can control how you get paid, and fixing the money part of your life fixes a significant portion of everything else. If we can fix your payment problems immediately and start making you 95 cents on the dollar for every transaction…what does your practice look like then or in five, ten, or 15 years?

How does Fortify help you take back control of your life?

Think about all the tools you use every day, that you depend on. If you didn’t have Clio your life would be completely different right now. Or maybe G-Suite is your lifeline, or you could never do your job without Findlaw. We are a byproduct of the tools we use to solve our problems. The best of these tools make your life more functional, more organized…But most tools are meant to navigate your day, not exactly navigate your business.

Fortify, by iQualify, takes away your need to overthink everything and makes getting hired, and getting paid -simple. It allows you to present payment plans in a way that allows up to 66% more of your clients to say yes to hiring you. And because we offer true retainer financing plans and manage all of your in-house payment plans – you can get paid in full more often without any of the headaches of chasing clients for money. Yes, the Fortify software provides the path and does the work in clearing that path, making the way for the next chapter in the story of your practice. 

The Disappointing Life of Collection Carol. 3 years ago

Be the Compass, Not the Collection Agent

Let’s talk about Carol. As an attorney, you hired Carol to be your office assistant, the face and voice of your practice. Carol is the first person who interacts with the public in your name. She’s sweet and friendly, but also strong and businesslike. She can do almost anything. What Carol is not – is a pit bull. Carol is not exactly what you might call an enforcer or your collections agent. When you give Carol the task to chase money from people she makes the calls, but she secretly hates this part of the job. 

Recently, iQualify Lending ran the numbers on a lawyer who’s been using the Fortify software. We collected over 110 contracts and averaged 95 cents on the dollar. When their Collection Carol was doing the job, she was getting paid 74 cents on the dollar. Imagine Carol as the CEO of a bank, whose job it is to create and collect on loans from clients. If you can’t see her as that person, then why do you have her doing that job?! If you went to a financial institution and said, “I have a plan to collect 74 cents on the dollar for all the money we lend…” you would be laughed out of the bank. But that is how we run our law practices: a fire sale every day. 

If you wouldn’t trust Carol to run the bank, why would you trust her to collect your money?

This is a problem that plagues many law practices and keeps them from being as successful as they should. You cannot be both collection agent and council to the same client. These jobs are at odds with each other. As council, you need to be a client’s compass…their guide through the confusing and intimidating legal world. You need to give your clients what they’re looking for in a lawyer: 

  1. easy to hire
  2. good communication
  3. clear direction
  4. outcome delivered as promised

Remove yourself from the collection process. Give your clients what they want: an affordable way to pay an expert to win their case. 

Nobody wants to be Shakedown Jimmy, either. 

“The client that can’t or won’t pay you money at the beginning of the case, is the same client that won’t pay you at the end of the case.” — Jay Foonberg

Everyone hates confrontation. If the client says “I don’t have the money” you’re stumped because chances are, you weren’t trained in negotiating payments. The worst-case scenario for many lawyers winds up playing out on the big day in court. You tell your client they still owe you money, they say they don’t have it. You tell them to at least bring you something or you’re not showing up to court tomorrow (Now, there is no way to actually hold anyone accountable without repercussions, because if I’m an attorney and I file a claim against someone who owes me money and they countersue, I have to tell my insurance company and my liability insurance goes up). You show up to courthouse steps and they’ve brought you $500, hardly the $2000 balance they owe, but at least it’s something. Now your client is nervous because they owe you money and YOU are the one who is supposed to be fighting for them. It’s a terrible spot for both lawyer and client. It’s a horrible way to do business. 

Attorneys just accept this and write it off as “it is what it is”. It doesn’t have to be. 

iQualify Lending is more than just financing…it’s a lifestyle change for how you get paid. 

You should never be touching another piece of plastic or taking a check for any reason other than a down payment or holding retainer. Fortify, by iQuailfy allows you to get back to being the compass and not the collector. Fortify allows you to present payment plans in a way that makes it simple for clients to say yes – to hiring you. And because we offer true retainer financing plans and manage all of your in-house payment plans – you can get paid in full more often without any of the headaches of chasing clients for money.

Using Fortify by iQualify is the easiest way to get hired, get paid, and get out of the collection business once and for all. With iQualify you are out of the collection business, you’re not part of the financial transaction, and you can be there just for them, building trust, guiding them, through scary and uncharted waters. And Carol? She can hang up her collections hat once and for all. And with all the extra money we are collecting for you, maybe you can finally afford to give Carol that much-needed raise!

From the Other Side of the Table: The Client Experience 3 years ago

Forget your credentials, your clients need you for your problem-solving skills. 

When the phone rings in your office, the person on the other side of the line is often going through the most traumatic experience of their recent life. Too often, as attorneys, we forget that. They are coming to you vulnerable and scared. You have to meet them in that place. Putting yourself in your potential client’s shoes takes a deliberate rewiring of the way we think. 

Let’s take personal injury attorneys for example. The personal injury attorney might assume people know what to do when they get in an accident. It’s what he does (and he advertises a lot to make sure people know!).

But if you’ve never been in a car accident, you actually have no clue what to do. The shock alone can make you forget everything you think you know. Am I injured? I don’t feel that injured. What are my options? Who’s going to pay for these medical bills? What do I say if they call me?

It’s the same thing for clients of attorneys dealing with immigration, divorce, DUIs– the client doesn’t know what to do. They are going through a traumatic event. We’ve discussed how you need to be the expert your clients are looking for. But you also need to remember, as that expert, they don’t need your credentials….they need your problem-solving skills. 

“What are we going to do? What are the next steps? What’s the timeline?” 

You are the person with the answer to the questions that have plagued them. 

From the client’s side of the table. 

As attorneys, when we sit across from someone, we’re often thinking “Can this person really pay me thousands of dollars? How much? Will I end up working for free?” It’s okay. That’s our job and we have to know that we’re going to be paid for our work.

As a client in need of an attorney, when sitting across from you, they’re thinking “How can I get my son out of jail? Do I need to secure housing before leaving my husband? Will I be able to afford to live? Am I going to be deported?”

They are full of thousands of questions, and they already know it’s going to cost a lot. They certainly weren’t planning on this. Clearly, both parties are coming to the table with vastly different interests. 

What if money wasn’t the issue?

Everyone believes that money buys justice or freedom or liberty. The point is – people know that money solves problems! People with money want an affordable way to pay an expert to help them with their case. This begs the question – How affordable are you?

For attorneys who use Fortify by iQualify Lending, the answer is – the most affordable. iQualify Lending is more than just legal retainer financing…it’s the easiest way to get hired, get paid, and get out of the collection business once and for all.

Using Fortify removes you from the financial transaction. And your clients will appreciate the simplicity of the payment options. It supports their belief that you are an expert. Now you get to be the problem solver. 

Now, sitting across from that new client, you can calm their fears and answer their questions, telling them, “With the dice we’ve been rolled…here’s the best-case scenario we can put you in….that is my goal as your attorney.” 

Start using Fortify powered by iQualify, and instantly become affordable to every client that wants to hire you. Now that money’s out of the way, it’s about being present and helping them through the most traumatic experience of their lives. 

Get out of the collections business once and for all. Your clients, your staff, your mental health, and your bank account will thank you!

The Psychology of the Middleman 3 years ago

Attorneys need a third party to make the difference.

In what situation does having a middleman make all the difference? As FastCompany explains, Middlemen “are more prevalent–and more important–than ever. Agents, brokers, dealers, and resellers get a bad rap, but they play a crucial role in almost every platform today— As a result, being an effective middleman has become an even more valuable skill than it was in the past.”

Middlemen are particularly useful for attorneys and retainer financing. As our last few blogs have pointed out, a lawyer’s psychology and mindset when entering into their pitch with a client are extremely important. Your belief system enters into any meeting before you do and, when playing a game of retainer-payment-chess with your client, it becomes an immovable force. While you need to focus on (or stubbornly cling to) all of your mental chess pieces, your middleman steps in to get the important work done. 

Think of your belief system as a ladder with five rungs. The bottom rung is your identity, which shapes your beliefs. The next rung is belief, which shapes the next rung, capability. That rung influences behavior and those behaviors shape your environment. This ladder is powerful and cannot easily be dismantled. You carry this ladder into all of your pitches and meetings with clients. It can be very hard to negotiate and work from a place of compromise when you’re hauling around a heavy ladder of belief. 

  • Environment
  • Behavior
  • Capability
  • Belief
  • Identity 

There’s something about having a middleman, someone who is NOT carrying your ladder around, someone who can be the responsible third party, that is essential to making the attorney/client relationship work. While you’re stuck in your mindset, the middleman is free to negotiate. There are very few attorneys who are getting their mindset right, are getting paid fully by their clients, and who aren’t suffering from this issue. Everyone knows it exists and that it sucks but no one wants to talk about the depth of the problem because we’re raised to win trophies. We, especially as attorneys, often believe we can do it (and win it) all ourselves. 

You may think you don’t need a middleman, but chances are you’re already using one. Attorneys push this stuff off on office managers and employees to get rid of that pain. But the one dealing with the pain didn’t create the cost, they’re just collecting. Betty’s job at the front office is not to collect your money! Betty’s job is to do 8 hours of work for your practice….not chase money around. You don’t have the time either. Betty is not the middleman. You cannot be your own middleman.

Fortify, powered by iQualify Lending, is ready to be your middleman. Start using the Fortify software and you’ll have an easy, modern way to get new clients signed up when they come to you, As the attorney, you get paid upfront with both cash and financing options and get paid over a period of time with an in-house payment option. iQualify attorneys get paid their full retainer on most of their cases without ever having to chase their clients for money or call them for payments.

Contact us today and let’s get started making Fortify your middleman, protecting your practice and letting your belief system do what it does best: win cases for your clients.

Want to find out more about the most famous American middlemen? Esquire has a fun article on seven key middlemen in U.S. history. 

Shaking Loose Your Imposter Syndrome 4 years ago

How Attorneys Like You Easily Justify Their Value with iQualify

Lawyers are just like any other entrepreneur in one key way: they likely suffer from imposter syndrome. Simply defined, imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Imposter syndrome reveals itself and plays out in a variety of ways within our professional lives. For lawyers, imposter syndrome often involves the mind obsessing over this “fear sequence”: Did I earn it? Am I worth it? Will my client pay me? 

Imposter syndrome speaks to the sub-conscience mind and, even though we all experience it, there’s a shame in admitting it. Why is that? Because it is a shame! Going over the fear sequence in your mind, feeling like you secretly don’t belong, or don’t add the value needed to a case, is a shameful feeling. 

We recently wrote about nailing your pitch. This goes right alongside defeating your imposter syndrome. Our brains chase what we want (in this case, a certain retainer fee) so it feels good to state that in our pitch, confidently. But as soon as a client points out all the problems with the pitch and starts playing a mental chess game with us, the other part of our brain takes over: What will they pay me? What am I willing to offer them to receive as much money as I can upfront (knowing that might be the only money I get because it’s money I don’t have to chase over time)? 

If you put your client on a payment plan, hopefully, everything goes well…but as soon as it’s off-plan, it’s off-plan. For many lawyers, the jig is up when you aren’t able to collect your fee from your client. Several months and many thousands of dollars later, it’s a hostage negotiation! This happens every day but lawyers forget about it and keep pushing on. You wake up and wipe the slate clean but the toxicity of not being paid is still in your body. Can you blame it on your imposter behavior? Basically, the less confident you feel as an attorney, the less likely you will be to collect most of your fee. How do your clients exploit this? You need to create a sense of authority and any resistance at all, any shame on your part, usually creates a block to that authority. 

This is the value of what Fortify, powered by iQualify, is doing for attorneys. We handle the financing of your cases for you. Once the price is set, you don’t have to justify the value of the work you’ve done. No one is going to admit they don’t think they’re worth what they’re being paid, but that’s the subconscious struggle. Let all of that play out only in your mind, not in front of your client. Start using the Fortify software and you’ll have an easy way to get new clients signed up when they come to you, As the attorney, you get paid upfront with both cash and financing options and get paid over time with an in-house payment option. iQualify attorneys get paid their full retainer on most of their cases without ever having to chase their clients for money or call them for payments.

Give Fortify, powered by iQualify, the power to negotiate on your behalf. You’re already not getting paid! What else do you have to lose? We will get their payment via collections, garnishing, or renegotiating a payment plan. The pressure we can apply —the leverage we have—you don’t have anyone in your law office that can do that. We have a power you don’t and can’t have. You’re too close to it! 

Conquer your imposter syndrome by having a third party that can go to bat for you. Let iQualify protect your pride and relieve your shame, getting you back to the confident attorney you need to be for your clients. Removing yourself from the equation and getting that bank between you and your clients is the fastest way to Fortify your law practice.  Are you ready to get started?

Insulate yourself from the worst part of being a lawyer! 4 years ago

Be the expert your clients need. 

We all know that in the professional space, presentation is everything. Unfortunately, for many, the art of presentation does not come naturally. Your “pitch” is your chance to “sell” your potential client on the benefits of hiring you over the rest. But the same psychology that plagues people with fears of public speaking comes into play when it’s time to pitch: fear of rejection. The fear of rejection is at the top of the list of our primal fears. But what if you could calm those fears by letting someone else handle the hard part for you? iQualify is now in the legal lending space, ready to help you attract and make more by stopping you from chasing clients for money. 

Fortify, powered by iQualify, insulates you from the fears of rejection. When you present our Fortify software to your clients to handle their legal retainer financing, you are simplifying the “pitch” process and making it about our system…it’s not personal. Fortify is a convenient,  modern way to get new clients signed up when they come to you. As the attorney, you get paid upfront with both cash and financing options and get paid over a period of time with an in-house payment option. iQualify attorneys get paid their full retainer on most of their cases without ever having to chase their clients for money or call them for payments.

iQualify takes the pressure out of your pitch and helps you tell your potential clients a compelling story. At the end of the day, a simple, compelling story, especially one told by an expert, is the key behind all marketing–including your presentation as a lawyer. Everyone is looking for an affordable way to hire an expert to help them with their case. With the pressures of payment options and chasing money gone, you can get back to being the expert your client needs and wants to put their trust in. 

Think about an orthodontist. When they present you with a case for your daughter’s braces they don’t just say, “you need this and it costs $5,000”? No. You’re told that your daughter’s smile can be improved and that she’s going to have a greater and happier life because of it for only $150/month for a few years. Sold! You can take your potential clients down the same path by helping them understand their own story. Ask them, 

“What specific outcome would be the best-case scenario for you in this case? Why that outcome specifically? What is the specific time frame in which this needs to happen? Is that outcome going to be cheap or expensive? What happens if we don’t get that outcome? If you want the best solution, it will be expensive… but can I present you with an affordable way to get there?”

You are the expert guiding your potential client through this confusing, scary world. They want to trust you and you want to be your confident best and help them win their case. Adding a third-party lender insulates you from the pain and headache of playing stern parent or exasperated loan collector. Fortify by iQualify is ready to take on that role so you can get back to concentrating on being the expert your clients need. 

What Attorneys Have Learned During COVID-19: 4 Steps to Strengthen Your Law Practice 4 years ago

The pandemic has shown us the shakiness of life as business owners

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently bearing down hard on lawyers and firms. If we’ve learned anything it’s that were not nearly as cash fluid as we should be or thought we were. For many of us, our businesses are walking the knife’s edge of sustainability, and a several-months-sustained hit to our income is hard to manage. 

Think of your practice as a boat. It has a few holes in it, but nothing too major, no big problem. Now, a monsoon has struck, and your boat is filling with water. The holes are only helping things along. One of the first things to go overboard when costs weigh you down is your staff. Once that happens, you are the one left doing all the work again, back where you started as an attorney, and it’s the worst.

So, what have we learned? Patch the holes before the flood! When things return to “normal”, you need to be sure you’re taking these 4 Steps to Strengthen Your Law Practice

  1. Shore up defenses
  2. Strengthen cash reserves
  3. Collect more money from the cases you’re signing
  4. Have a way to allow any client who wants to hire you to say yes!

That fourth one is super-important and that’s where we come in. Fortify, powered by iQualify Lending, offers your clients payment options they can easily say ‘yes’ to. Start using the Fortify software and you’ll have an easy, modern way to get new clients signed up when they come to you, As the attorney, you get paid upfront with both cash and financing options and get paid over a period of time with an in-house payment option. iQualify attorneys get paid their full retainer on most of their cases without ever having to chase their clients for money or call them for payments. 

Here’s a real-world example. One of our clients, a large criminal defense firm in Vegas, hired a new case manager who signed up for our services again on accident. When we called to discuss the mistake, we spoke at length about Fortify, our new retainer-financing platform. They came to realize we can manage their payment plans and, all of a sudden, the whole conversation changed. The owners popped onto the call from various states and said “Wait a minute…you can do this? That’s the biggest problem we have!” We let them know we can do it all for them and take these worries away. 

Our Vegas friends, like so many attorneys, were exhausting staff by tasking them with tracking down money, dealing with a frustratingly high turnover rate, having to train new employees all the time…the things that puncture your boat with those little holes. We let them know iQualify clients aren’t having these issues! If you’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it should be that there are options for you to help simplify and improve your practice going forward. 

There’s more to iQualify that just financing. We’ll handle your legal lending and take the burden off of you and your staff, positioning you all for success when the economy comes back. Ready to see how it works? Let’s get started now!

When the Law Business Returns to Normal, Make Things Simple. 4 years ago

Be ready to have legal retainer financing in place and make life easier for your clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business and industry on the planet. Your law practice is no exception. The economy is on pause for the time being, and this likely means a lack of clients and work for many attorneys. Now is the time to prepare and strategize. “This too shall pass”, and when it does you’re going to come out on top this time. When things return to normal, or when you figure out what the new normal is, it’s time to make things simple. 

People are going to need attorneys more than ever when social distancing ends. Human nature dictates they are still making mistakes and having legal disputes under quarantine. When the stay-at-homes are lifted, partygoers will go back to the bars in droves (and have accidents). Millions of quarantined couples are experiencing significant stress and pressure on their relationships. Once the shelter in place is lifted, expect divorce cases to skyrocket. Is there a simple way to capture that business? Yes. 

The power of making things simple: Make a clear path and make it easy for them to say ‘yes’. 

If anything, this time of isolation and reflection can help you take stock of just how cluttered and complicated you’ve been making things. When the economy turns back on, people will be searching for lawyers en mass. With the flood of people who will be searching, he with the easiest solution will win! Fortify, powered by iQualify Lending, makes things easy by offering your clients payment options that they can easily understand. 

Start using the Fortify software and you’ll have an easy, modern way to get new clients signed up when they come to you, As the attorney, you get paid upfront with both cash and financing options and get paid over time with an in-house payment option. iQualify attorneys get paid their full retainer on most of their cases without ever having to chase their clients for money or call them for payments. Why? They make things easy!

Clients will be under a lot of stress and confusion when the COVID-19 pandemic is over and they’re going to appreciate an easy solution to their payments. Legal fee financing takes the guesswork and headache of retainer payments off your clients’ minds and lets you start making more money, almost immediately.

Ready to see how it works? Let’s get started now. iQualify Lending will help you make your law practice easier for clients and making more money your new normal.

Why Other Attorneys are Outpacing You 4 years ago

The story of two attorneys, 18 months, the different paths they took, and where it led them.

Matt and James are criminal defense attorneys. They’re both successful and have made names for themselves with their practices. Both of these men were recently referred to iQualify by other attorneys who have been using our client-financing system. They both showed up and we discussed their options. Then they took two very different paths.

First of all, you should know: iQualify Lending’s goal is to help attorneys make more money from the potential clients they attract. To put it simply, iQualify helps finance legal cases – specifically client retainer fees. We have helped many attorneys enjoy the most profit their practice has ever seen. Matt and James both wanted to sign up.

Matt got directly to the point. “What’s this going to cost me?”

We encouraged him to consider the costs of not offering legal-retainer financing. We spent time explaining the costs of offering in-house payments and collecting 60% of your case fee. We explained the cost of his $240,000 debt load and the further cost of losing clients over financing.

When it was all said and done, we showed him that if our client-retainer financing just approves 1 in 5 clients for a loan, he could be debt-free within 24 months. He could afford a paralegal, which he desperately needed. He could free up money for marketing – all from the profits we helped him create.

But in the end, Matt decided not to move forward due to cost.

James was quite the opposite. He was direct but open. His first question was, “How can iQualify Lending’s legal-retainer financing help me, specifically?”

We went through a similar discussion about debt, losing clients to cost, chasing money clients owed him, and dropping more cases than he closed. James immediately saw an opportunity to fix these problems with retainer loans and said “yes”.

Last week, Matt reached back out. We hadn’t heard from him in over 18 months. The first words out of his mouth were, “Ok, how do I get signed up?”

It turns out, Matt ran into James last week at the courthouse. He is having the best year of his life. He has hired more staff. He just hired another attorney. He took a vacation this year to Aruba.  Matt says, “He told me it all started with offering iQualify’s legal lending.”

Matt signed up and by his 3rd month, he had made an additional $38,000.  If he had signed up 18 months ago he could have potentially made $240,000.

If you can relate to this story and would like to grow your law practice,  let us show you how legal fee financing can help turn your existing clients into immediate cash flow with no risk.

An Attorney's Worst Nightmare 4 years ago

Does this story sound familiar?

As attorneys, we’ve all been in this situation before: your heart sinks as you receive an email from your payment processor stating your client’s monthly retainer payment of $400 has been declined, disputed, or—worst of all—charged back, returned, etc. The disputed amount gets taken out of your account immediately and you’re left with no recourse to prove the charge was authorized. Even if you do provide proof, you have to wait up to three months to see that money returned. 

These kinds of financial nightmares occur all the time. It doesn’t seem, at first, like they have that large of an impact on your bottom line. But after it happens to you several times in a month, you start to feel panicked. It starts to make an impact on your life, from paying bills to making rent. Is this your new, terrifying status quo? Aren’t lawyers supposed to be financially secure? Chasing payments and going after clients to get paid is not the job you took the bar exam for. 

You might resolve many of these issues over time, but as they start stacking up you feel like the nightmare will never end. Dealing with legal lending challenges and going after retainer payments causes a “bad vibes” avalanche that, if left to snowball, can spread and cover all aspects of your life…affecting your staff, the family you go home to, and your caseload of other clients that are paying on time. Everyone has to get paid and you’re carrying the stress of how that happens.

The byproduct of all this instability is that fear and desperation can set in. Fear is why we’ve all made the mistake of trying to milk every client upfront. Losing clients to cost leads to desperation, desperation leads to frustration, and clients can sense it. The avalanche spreads…This happens daily, all across the country, in firms and practices both big and small. Older, established firms deal with it and new, hardworking young lawyers deal with it too. The legal retainer financing problem plagues all. However, the smartest attorneys—the ones who keep searching, learning, and pursuing ways to improve their careers—all seem to land on the same solution for the problem. They’ve found the holy grail of legal payment management. They’ve found iQualify Lending. 

iQualify, powered by Fortify, will cure your retainer financing headache once and for all. You’ll be able to get back to doing what you were meant to do…practice law. iQualify provides a legal lending solution that attorneys across America are using daily to sign more clients, make more money, and get rid fo the stress of chasing clients for money. It’s affordable and can start fixing your practice’s financial problems immediately. Our client payment management system builds a structure of financial stability in your practice. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the change iQualify brings to your business frees up time and is the key to moving forward and conquering your law practice without fear!

Achieving financial stability for your law practice with iQualify is a three-step process. 

  • Step 1: you sign up and get the Fortify software
  • Step 2: getting clients signed up, stress melts away
  • Step 3: financial stability and YOU practicing law, not collections 

Ready to see how it works? Reach out to us right now and see for yourself how iQualify Lending can vanquish your fears, make you more money, and get you on the path to success today.